ULISSE COMPACT with new DELUX technology for day/night vision with exceptional night brightness

Videotec are glad to present you DELUX, the new imaging and encoding technology for outdoor surveillance that generates incredibly vivid and clear colour video images day or night.

In particular, the DELUX technology can obtain bright images with well-defined colours in very low light conditions – even typical night-time conditions to 0.006 lux (0.0006 lux in black and white).

Developed end to end by Videotec’s R&D team, the new DELUX technology has now been now integrated into the ULISSE COMPACT PTZ.

In addition to improved light sensitivity, with outstanding colour rendering and greater noise reduction, the DELUX technology has brought new advanced performances to the ULISSE COMPACT, namely in the speed proportional to zoom control and management of Privacy Masking.

Moreover, significant reductions have been made to the costs of the new ULISSE COMPACT DELUX, thanks to the meticulous care taken in all of the DELUX technology design stages.

The improved performance and the better prices have considerably increased the model’s competitiveness.



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