I-Pro Extreme Catalogue

Panasonic New I-Pro Extreme Catalogue featuring the new line up of Network CCTV


Samsung/Hanwha Techwin’s eXperience the eXtreme performance of the New Wisenet X Series coming soon

Samsung/Hanwha Techwin’s eXperience the eXtreme performance of the New Wisenet X Series coming soon

Samsung/Hanwha X Series

The Wisenet 5 chipset incorporated into the Wisenet X series, is the most important component to date developed by Samsung/Hanwha Techwin’s core technologies.

The Wisenet X series offers 150dB WDR, image stabilisation using gyro sensors and razor sharp images 24/7 with improved low-light performance. using WiseStream II, the second generation of Samsung/Hanwha Techwin’s unique compression technology, the Wisenet X series delivers the foremost bandwidth friendly camera range. There also are several other notable key benefits, together with a range of on-board analytics.

With the release of the Wisenet X series, Samsung/Hanwha Techwin meets the market demands in all areas of video surveillance. By adding the Wisenet X series to the recently released Wisenet Q and P series, Samsung/Hanwha Techwin has now established a full line-up, from extremely affordable entry level, to competitively priced superior product which is able to satisfy the needs of projects and customers in all vertical sectors.

Samsung/Hanwha Techwin is drawing a lot of attention with the new Wisenet X series and plans to invest considerably in the areas of product development and marketing.


X Series Line-Up


Samsung XNB6000 2M Network Camera
Samsung XNB8000 5M Network Camera

Samsung XNO6010R 2M Network IR Bullet Camera
Samsung XNO6020R 2M Network IR Bullet Camera
Samsung XNO6080R 2M Network IR Bullet Camera
Samsung XNO8020R 5M Network IR Bullet Camera
Samsung XNO8030R 5M Network IR Bullet Camera
Samsung XNO8040R 5M Network IR Bullet Camera
Samsung XNO8080R 5M Network IR Bullet Camera

Samsung XND6010 2M Network Dome Camera
Samsung XND6080 2M Network Dome Camera
Samsung XND6080V 2M Network Dome Camera

Samsung XND6080R 2M Network IR Dome Camera
Samsung XND6080RV 2M Network IR Dome Camera
Samsung XND8020R 5M Network IR Dome Camera
Samsung XND8030R 5M Network IR Dome Camera
Samsung XND8040R 5M Network IR Dome Camera
Samsung XND8080R 5M Network IR Dome Camera
Samsung XND8080RV 5M Network IR Dome Camera

Samsung XNV6010 2M Vandal-Resistant Network Dome Camera
Samsung XNV6080 2M Vandal-Resistant Network Dome Camera
Samsung XNV6080R 2M Vandal-Resistant Network IR Dome Camera
Samsung XNV8080R 5M Vandal-Resistant Network IR Dome Camera


Samsung / Hanwha Techwin P Series Premium Image Quality and Tracking


Samsung / Hanwha Techwin P Series Premium Image Quality and Tracking


The Wisenet P series provides an enhanced surveillance system by producing outstanding 4K picture clarity so you can observe the finest of details.

During quieter times, especially at night, digital auto tracking can be used to detect moving objects. Ideal for tracking movement in low traffic areas, such as parks and squares at night.

The Wisenet P series supports Defocus Detection, which helps to identify when an image is out of focus and significantly improves efficiency.

Improved Bandwidth with WiseStream

Wisenet P series camera’s streaming performance is greatly enhanced by applying an advanced compression technology called WiseStream. WiseStream can reduce bandwidth by 50% using dynamic technology, and when combined with high efficiency video coding (H.265), the bandwidth efficiency can be improved by up to 75% compared to current H.264 technology.

WiseStream dynamically controls encoding, balancing quality and compression according to movement in the image. As a result, the bandwidth and storage requirements of the 12MP resolution images captured by Wisenet P cameras are significantly reduced.
WDR & P-Iris

The true WDR function built into the Wisenet P series provides an enhanced picture quality, by reducing motion blur and processing clearer images.

P-Iris optimises the iris function when multiple lighting conditions exist in a single scene, resulting in images with better contrast, clarity, resolution and depth of field. This optimisation of the resolution at both the centre and corner of the image, as well as depth of field and shutter speed, provide increased image sharpness especially effective in megapixel cameras.

P Series The Range

Samsung PNO9080R 4K Network IR Bullet Camera
Samsung PND9080R 4K Network IR Dome Camera
Samsung PNV9080R 4K Vandal-Resistant Network IR Dome Camera
Samsung PNF9010R 4K Fisheye Camera
Samsung PNF9010RV 4K Fisheye Camera
Samsung PNF9010RVM 4K Fisheye Camera
Samsung PNP9200RH 4K 20x IR PTZ Network Dome Camera

Fujinon Launch HF-12M Series Machine Vision Lenses

Fujifilm Introduces FUJINON HF-12M Series Machine Vision Lenses that feature cutting-edge optical technology and ultra clear resolution.

HF-12M series delivers even and edge-to-edge sharpness under versatile installation conditions.

12 Megapixel Fixed Focal – HF-12M series:

FUJINON HF818-12M 8mm Focal length
FUJINON HF1218-12M 12mm Focal length
FUJINON HF1618-12M 16mm Focal length
FUJINON HF2518-12M 25mm Focal length
FUJINON HF3520-12M 35mm Focal length


Panasonic Introduces i-PRO Extreme Surveillance Technology Platform


Panasonic Introduces i-PRO Extreme Surveillance Technology Platform



New H.265 i-PRO Cameras, Recorder and Software Deliver EXTREME PERFORMANCE UNDER EXTREME CONDITIONS

Panasonic, a leading provider of integrated security and video surveillance solutions, today introduced its next generation i-PRO® Extreme technology. The i-PRO Extreme platform is available on Panasonic’s new line-up of cameras, recorders and video management software (VMS) —providing a native end-to-end H.265 system while also delivering demonstrable enhancements in image quality, system reliability, IP security and embedded intelligence.

Key technology enhancements delivered by i-PRO Extreme include:


EXTREME VISIBILITY: Captures the highest quality images automatically even in very dynamic and challenging lighting environments and includes:


Intelligent Auto Mode: Continuously monitors scene dynamics and motion to automatically adjust key camera settings in real-time, optimizing captured images and reducing distortion such as motion blur on moving objects.
144dB Enhanced Super Dynamic Range: New industry-leading 144dB dynamic range performance delivers balanced scene exposure in highly dynamic and extreme-backlit lighting environments.
Color Night Vision: Delivers outstanding low-light performance (0.0008 to 0.015 lux) with accurate color rendition and saturation from i-PRO’s 1/3″ sensor, rivaling the performance of costlier 1/2″ sensor cameras.

EXTREME COMPRESSION: Industry standard H.265 coupled with Panasonic’s Smart Coding technology delivers the highest quality images at the lowest bitrates.

H.265 Compression: Industry standard H.265 compression delivers high quality images while reducing streaming and storage requirements by approximately 50 percent over H.264.
Smart Coding: Working on top of H.265, Smart Coding with GOP Control reduces bandwidth even further on relatively still scenes while Auto-VIQs (Variable Image Quality on Specified Area) analyzes scenes automatically for motion and intelligently reduces bandwidth requirements even further for a combined efficiency of up to an 75 percent over H.264.
Smart Facial Coding: High performance face detection technology in the camera automatically detects faces in a scene and encodes those regions at the highest quality, ensuring clear identification.

EXTREME RELIABILITY: Delivers low failure rates and redundancy along with Panasonic’s i-PRO Preferred warranty program for unmatched service enhancements and support.


HDD Dynamic Power Control: HDD power control technology built into new WJ-NX400 recorders intelligently and dynamically powers down HDD’s without risking recording loss, while extending HDD life up to seven years (depending on environment and usage).
Auto-Failover: New WJ-NX400 recorders can be connected in tandem to enable seamless recording redundancy for mission critical applications.
5 Year Warranty: Panasonic’s i-PRO Preferred program adds an additional two years to the factory 3-year warranty on i-PRO cameras for a total of five years and includes Priority Advanced Exchange*.
H.264 Backward Compatibility: New H.265 enabled cameras include H.264 compatibility modes enabling customers to migrate portions of their system to the new standard at their own pace. This allows users to maximize existing investments in H.264 products while reducing overall TCO and helping to future proof their networks.

EXTREME DATA SECURITY: i-PRO’s Secure Communication Suite ensures robust end-to-end IP security of the i-PRO Extreme based surveillance network.


•  Secure Communication: Because every device with an IP address is potentially vulnerable, i-PRO Extreme with Secure Communication now offers an additional layer of network based protection including a PC-level security suite, embedded in all new i-PRO Extreme Cameras, Recorders and Management Software for robust data and communications encryption.•  FIPS Certified: i-PRO Extreme products meet the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 1, as required for FBI and Public Safety use.


Key enhancements in all new iPRO Extreme camera models include:

• H.265 Smart Coding (Long GOP, Auto-VIQS, Smart Face Coding)
• H.264 Compatibility and mixed mode streaming, recording and viewing
• Auto Image Stabilization
• Secure Communication
• Up to 4-Steam simultaneous H.265/264 encoding
• Enhanced Super Dynamic 144dB at 30fps (depending on model)
• Ultra-high sensitivity from 0.008 lux to 0.015 in color mode (depending on model)
• Touchable Rain Wash Coating (outdoor models only)
• Built in IR LED (up to 130 feet)

New i-PRO Extreme Recorder WJ-NX400

Panasonic will also be previewing the new WJ-NX400 i-PRO Extreme H.265 Secure System Recorder (available in December 2016), the much anticipated successor of the long standing WJ-ND400 i-PRO recorder. The new WJ-NX400 recorder features H.265/H.264 recording, increased throughput and recording channel capacity as well as an integrated GUI for PC-Less applications enabling a complete Camera/Recorder/Viewing solution without the need for a separate PC client.

Key features include:


• 64 Channels Base – expandable to 128 (H.265/264)
• 384Mbps recording bandwidth
• Secure Communication


• Built-in video viewing and Management GUI with Dual HDMI Outputs
• Automatic camera configuration wizard for easy-set-up
• 2nd Stream Recording automatically records a companion stream for mobile playback


• (9) Integrated Drive-bays support RAID/5/6
• External storage expansion up to 270TB


• Dynamic HDD Power Management increases HDD life up to seven years
• Redundant fail-over uses 2nd Recorder to enable seamless mission-critical recording
• No camera license fees

New i-PRO Extreme Video Management Application WV-ASM300

Also on preview will be the new WV-ASM300 i-PRO Extreme H.265 Secure Video Management Software application (available in December 2016), a major new update of Panasonic’s popular WV-ASM200 software. The ASM300 is a powerful Windows® application that enables a secure, scalable H.265 ready, multi-camera, multi-recorder surveillance management environment and is compatible with Panasonic’s legacy i-PRO line of H.264 cameras, recorders and encoders.

Key features include:


• Integrated camera control, viewing and recorder management
• Integrates i-PRO Extreme H.265 & i-PRO H.264 equipment
• Secure Communication


• NEW user-interface design & 4K native GUI enhances usability
• Automatic camera configuration wizard speeds system set-up
• ASM300 now includes multi-monitor and WJ-CU950 support as standard


• Base: 100 recorders, 64 encoders and 256 cameras
• Expandable to thousands of cameras, recorders and encoders
• Full array of software extension modules available


Product Code Description
WV-S1531L Full HD Outdoor box type camera with IR-LED.
WV-S1131 Full HD Indoor box type camera
WV-S1132 Full HD Indoor box type camera with RS485 embedded
WV-S2531LN Full HD Outdoor dome type camera with IR-LED
WV-S2231L Full HD Indoor Vandal dome type camera with IR-LED.
WV-S2131L Full HD Indoor Vandal dome type camera with IR-LED.
WV-S2131 Full HD Indoor Vandal dome type camera.
WJ-NX400 IP recorder up to 128 channels.
WJ-HXE400 Extension unit for the WJ-NXE400.
WV-ASM300W Management software.

Panasonic I-Pro Extreme Brochure