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Bosch NFN60122F0 Flexidome IP Panoramic 6000 IC


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FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 6000 IC Flush-mount, high-performance 12MP sensor camera with paintable cover for unobtrusive intelligent panoramic surveillance. Essential Video Analytics 360° lens
Model Number: Bosch NFN-60122-F0

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Bosch NFN60122F0 Flexidome IP Panoramic 6000 IC

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Bosch Flexidome IP Panoramic 6000 IC


NFN-60122 Series Key Features


12MP / 30 fps sensor for fine details with smooth motion
Discreet and aesthetic in-ceiling design
Easily painted for unobtrusive installation
Edge or client-side dewarping for easy integration
Built-in Essential Video Analytics to trigger relevant alerts and quickly retrieve data


NFN-60122 Series Description


This discreet, aesthetic camera mounts flush in a ceiling or wall. Its easily-painted cover plate blends in with almost all surroundings. The 12MP sensor operating at 30 fps provides full panoramic surveillance with complete area coverage, fine details and high speeds. The camera offers full situational awareness and simultaneous E-PTZ views in high resolution.


The 360° version of the camera, when mounted centrally on a ceiling, gives complete wall‑to‑wall coverage. The 180° version has a higher effective resolution and is ideal for wall mounting or for ceiling mounting in corridors.


The lens captures a circular image. Our dewarping software transforms this circular image into several different distortion-free rectangular views. To facilitate system integration, you can choose edge dewarping inside the camera or client-side dewarping on an external platform.

The freely available Video Security Client from Bosch provides advanced client-side dewarping features.

System overview

Advantages of panoramic surveillance Panoramic surveillance offers full 180° or 360° coverage of the designated area. Because our panoramic cameras cover the full area, they provide complete situational awareness and are ideally suited to following movement in one continuous sweep.


12MP sensor at 30 fps

The ultra high 12MP sensor resolution together with the exceptionally high frame rate of 30 fps makes this camera unique in the field of panoramic image capture. Motion is smoother and the E‑PTZ feature provides more detailed images.

The effective resolution for the 180° version is 8MP and for the 360° version 7MP.

Essential Video Analytics

The built-in video analysis reinforces the Intelligenceat-the-Edge concept and now delivers even more powerful features. Essential Video Analytics is ideal for use in controlled environments with limited detection ranges.

Client-side dewarping

With client-side dewarping, the camera streams a single circular non-dewarped image at 30 fps. Dewarping is performed with our dewarping software that is installed on the PC where multiple view modes are available or you can choose to use a third-party client-side dewarping software solution.

Edge dewarping

The edge dewarping in the camera provides three separate video channels simultaneously at 12.5 fps:

• Full image circle (Video 1 channel)
• Dewarped view mode (Video 2 channel)
• E-PTZ (Video 3 channel)

Different view modes can be selected for the video 2 channel. Your selection depends on the resolution you require and how you wish to view the dewarped image.

View modes

The following view modes can be selected at 12.5 fps with edge dewarping or 30 fps with our client side dewarping.

With the 180° lens version, you can select one of the following view modes for the second channel:

E-PTZ and regions of interest

The remote E-PTZ (Electronic Pan, Tilt and Zoom) controls allow you to select specific areas of the full image circle. These Regions of Interest (ROI) can be easily defined, allowing the most interesting part of a scene to be monitored separately. The high resolution

ensures that details are not lost even when using the electronic zoom.

The E-PTZ feature of a panoramic camera has some advantages over normal PTZ cameras. There is no camera movement so the camera does not draw attention to itself or appear intrusive. Situational awareness is still retained even when zooming in on a particular object of interest. The smooth E- PTZ function helps navigation, and presets are available as they are with regular PTZ cameras.

Record exactly what you want

The camera provides the full resolution circular image for recording even if you are viewing only a portion of the scene. This means that you can always perform retrospective dewarping and analyses on the complete area covered and then zoom in on the region or object of interest.

With edge-dewarping you can also choose to only record the relevant parts of the scene which helps reduce bitrates significantly.

Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction

Quiet scenes with little or no movement require a lower bitrate. By intelligently distinguishing between noise and relevant information, Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction reduces bitrate by up to 50%. Because noise is reduced at the source during image capture, the lower bitrate does not compromise on video quality.

Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction adjusts spatial and temporal filtering (3DNR) based on intelligent analysis of the scene content. Motion compensated temporal filtering (MCTF) reduces motion blur normally associated with standard temporal filtering. This maintains image quality of fast moving objects while still optimizing bitrate.

Area-based encoding

Area-based encoding is another feature which reduces bandwidth. Compression parameters for up to eight user-definable regions can be set. This allows uninteresting regions to be highly compressed, leaving more bandwidth for important parts of the scene. Area-based encoding is only available with client-side dewarping.

Measured dynamic range

The dynamic range of the camera is outstanding and is obvious in real-world performance comparisons — 92 dB wide dynamic range (plus an extra 16 dB when combined with Intelligent Auto Exposure). The actual dynamic range of the camera is measured using Opto-Electronic Conversion Function (OECF) analysis with a standardized test chart based on ISO standards. This method provides more realistic and verifiable results in comparison with the theoretical approximations sometimes used.

Priority exposure control

To optimize image quality, eight zones for measuring the exposure can be drawn on the full image circle and assigned a priority level. These zones are given a higher or lower priority when the camera calculates the exposure level. This ensures that the important areas of the scene have the ideal exposure level.

Intelligent Auto Exposure

Fluctuations in backlight and front light can ruin your images. To achieve the perfect picture in every situation, Intelligent Auto Exposure automatically adjusts the exposure of the camera. It offers superb front light compensation and incredible backlight compensation by automatically adapting to changing light conditions.

Flush-mount design for easy unobtrusive installation The flat-profile design of the camera makes it exceedingly suitable for installations where unobtrusive surveillance is required. The thin cover plate fits flush with any mounting surface, and its ecoating is easily painted to blend with most surroundings.

The discreet high quality IR corrected lens is factory focused and is not restricted by a bubble, so installation is simplified and sharpness is assured. Power for the camera is supplied via a Power-over-Ethernet compliant network cable connection. With this configuration, only a single cable connection is required to view, power, and control the camera.

Scene modes

The camera has a very intuitive user interface that allows fast and easy configuration. Nine configurable modes are provided with the best settings for a variety of applications. Different scene modes can be selected for day or night situations.


NFN-60122 HD Series Specifications

Power Supply Power-over-Ethernet 48 VDC nominal
PoE IEEE 802.3af (802.3at Type 1)
Current draw (PoE) 140 mA max.
Type 1/2.3‑inch CMOS
Total sensor pixels 12MP
Used pixels (180° version) 3648 x 2160 (8MP)
Used pixels (360° version) 2640 x 2640 (7MP)
Video performance – Sensitivity – 360° lens  
(3100K, reflectivity 89%, F2.8, 30IRE)  
Color 0.55 lx
Mono 0.18 lx
Video performance – Sensitivity – 180° lens  
(3100K, reflectivity 89%, F2.8, 30IRE)  
Color 0.46 lx
Mono 0.15 lx
Video performance – Dynamic range  
Dynamic range 92 dB WDR (+16 dB IAE)
Video streaming  
Video compression H.264 (MP); M- JPEG
Streaming Multiple configurable streams in H.264 and M-JPEG, configurable frame rate and bandwidth. Multiple channels with edge dewarping. Regions of Interest (ROI)
Overall IP Delay Min. 120 ms, Max. 340 ms
Encoding interval 1 to 25 [30] ips
Encoder regions Eight independent areas for setting encoder quality to optimize bitrate.
Video resolution (H x V) – 180° version  
Video 1 channel Image circle , 3640 x 2160
Video 2 channel Panoramic , 2688 x 800
E-PTZ 2048 x 1152
Corridor 1600 x 1200
Video 3 channel E-PTZ , 1280 x 720
Video resolution (H x V) – 360° version  
Video 1 channel Full image circle , 2640 x 2640
Video 2 channel Full panoramic , 3584 x 504
E-PTZ 1536 x 864
Quad 1536 x 864
Panoramic 2688 x 800
Double panoramic 1920 x 1080
Corridor 1600 x 1200
Video 3 channel E-PTZ , 1280 x 720
Video functions - color  
Adjustable picture settings Contrast, Saturation, Brightness
White Balance 2500 to 10000K, 4 automatic modes (Basic, Standard, Sodium vapor, Dominant color), Manual mode and Hold mode
Video functions - ALC  
ALC level Adjustable
Saturation Adjustable from peak to average
Shutter Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES); Fixed shutter (1/25[30] to 1/15000) selectable; Default shutter
Day/Night Auto (adjustable switch points), Color, Monochrome
Video functions - enhance  
Sharpness Sharpness enhancement level selectable
Backlight compensation On/off
Contrast enhancement On/off
Noise reduction Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction with separate temporal and spatial adjustments
Intelligent defog Intelligent Defog automatically adjusts parameters for best picture in foggy or misty scenes (switchable)
Video content analysis  
Analysis type Essential Video Analytics
Configurations Silent VCA / Profile1/2 / Scheduled / Event triggered
Alarm rules (combinable) Any object Object in field Line crossing Enter / leave field Loitering Follow route Idle / removed object Counting Occupancy Crowd density estimation Condition change Similarity search
Object filters Duration Size Aspect ratio Speed Direction Color Object classes (4)
Tracking modes Standard (2D) tracking 3D tracking 3D people tracking Museum mode
Calibration / Geolocation Automatic based on gyro / accelerometer data and camera height
Tamper detection Maskable
Additional functions  
Scene modes Nine default modes, Scheduler
Privacy Masking Eight independent areas, fully programmable
Video authentication Off / Watermark / MD5 / SHA-1 / SHA-256
Display stamping Name; Logo; Time; Alarm message
Pixel counter Selectable area
Lens (180° version) 2.1 mm fixed-focus lens (IR corrected), F2.8
Lens (360° version) 1.6 mm fixed-focus lens (IR corrected), F2.8
Lens mount Board mounted
Iris control Fixed iris
Field of view (180° version) 180° (H) x 93° (V)
Field of view (360° version) 180° (H) x 180° (V)
Minimum object distance 0.1 m
Day/Night Switched mechanical IR filter
Local storage  
Internal RAM 10 s pre-alarm recording
Memory card slot Supports up to 32 GB microSDHC / 2 TB microSDXC card. (An SD card of Class 6 or higher is recommended for HD recording)
Recording Continuous recording, ring recording. alarm/events/schedule recording
Unit discovery IP Helper
Unit configuration Via web browser or Configuration Manager
Firmware update Remotely programmable
Software viewing Web browser; Video Security Client; Video Security App; Bosch Video Management System; Bosch Video Client; or third party software
Latest firmware and software
Protocols IPv4, IPv6, UDP, TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, RTP/RTCP, IGMP V2/V3, ICMP, ICMPv6, RTSP, FTP, Telnet, ARP, DHCP, APIPA (Auto-IP, link local address), NTP (SNTP), SNMP (V1, MIB-II), 802.1x, DNS, DNSv6, DDNS (,,, SMTP, iSCSI, UPnP (SSDP), DiffServ (QoS), LLDP, SOAP, Dropbox, CHAP, digest authentication
Encryption TLS 1.2, SSL, DES, 3DES
Ethernet 10/100 Base-T, auto-sensing, half/full duplex
Connectivity Auto-MDIX
Interoperability ONVIF Profile S; GB/T 28181
Dimensions camera Ø195 x 68.2 mm (7.68 x 2.68 in)
Dimensions flush profile Ø195 x 7 mm (7.68 x 0.28 in)
Weight 761 g (1.68 lb)
Operating Temperature -20°C to +40°C (-4°F to 104°F)
Storage Temperature -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Operating humidity 20% to 93% RH
Storage humidity up to 98% RH


NFN-60122 HD Series Ordering information

Product Code Description
NFN-60122-F1 FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 6000 IC Flush-mount, high-performance 12MP sensor camera with paintable cover for unobtrusive intelligent panoramic surveillance. Essential Video Analytics 180° lens
NFN-60122-F0 FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 6000 IC Flush-mount, high-performance 12MP sensor camera with paintable cover for unobtrusive intelligent panoramic surveillance. Essential Video Analytics 360° lens

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