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Bosch VIPX1600XFM4A Modular High Performance Video Encoder


Quick Overview

4-channel H.264 video/audio module, serial I/O, 4 alarm in, 1 relay, dual mono audio in, mono audio out
Model Number: Bosch VIP-X1600-XFM4A

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Bosch VIPX1600XFM4A Modular High Performance Video Encoder


Bosch Security Systems Products

Bosch VIP X1600 XF Modular High-performance Video Encoder

VIPX1600 Series Key Features

Up to 16 video input channels
Modular and expandable with hot-swappable video modules
Direct or network-attached iSCSI RAID
Intelligent video motion detection and camera tampering detection on encoder modules
ONVIF conformant

VIPX1600 Series  Description

The Bosch VIP X1600 XF is a modular, high performance CCTV video encoder system. Each VIP X1600 XF is a 4 x 4 unit that accommodates up to four hot-swappable modules, allowing modules to be added or exchanged at any time without interrupting transmission to the other modules’ channels. The VIP‑X1600‑XFB base system provides two 1 Gbps Ethernet ports on the front and an additional 1 Gbps Ethernet port on the rear. This provides a greater choice of network connectivity and allows for easier inside-rack cabling like, for example, direct connection to an iSCSI storage array. This base system also features a 1 Gbps small form-factor pluggable (SFP) slot on the front, for example, for an optical transceiver to enable direct fibre connection to a remote network. For applications not benefiting from these advanced features the VIP‑X1600‑B base system is available that just provides two 1 Gbps Ethernet ports, one on the front and one on the rear. The VIP X1600 XF H.264 main profile encoder modules (VIP‑X1600‑XFM4A/XFM4B) deliver real-time H.264 compressed video over IP, providing two independent streams per camera with full frame rate at best quality for different purposes, like one stream for live viewing with lowest delay while the second stream is optimized for requiring only little recording space. In addition they are equipped with a hardware accelerator for VCA functions, bringing “Intelligence-atthe-Edge” to the next level. A module version supporting BILINX communication over coax cable is also available.

View the video on a PC using Bosch’s comprehensive video management system, with or without Bosch’s IntuiKey keyboard. Alternatively, use a Web browser. These high-performance, multi-channel devices with iSCSI Recording-at-the-Edge, offer top-of-the-line Video-over-IP performance for CCTV today. Designed for reliability, VIP X1600 XF features hot-swappable video modules, dual redundant power supply inputs, and redundant network ports.

The Bosch VideoSDK provides the means to integrate VIP X1600 XF with other video management systems.

VIPX1600 Series Functions


VIP X1600 XF supports external storage, either directly attached to the unit (Recording-at-the-Edge), or across an IP network to a centralized network video recorder (NVR). For Recording-at-the-Edge, attach an iSCSI RAID directly to VIP X1600 XF, making the system’s recording performance wholly independent from the network’s performance. The iSCSI RAID storage enables VIP X1600 XF to act as a conventional DVR and stream high-performance live video across the network.

VIP X1600 XF supports the Bosch Video Recording Manager VRM, Bosch’s flexible and scalable recording management software. It allows a flexible assignment of recording space on camera level including load balancing and decent redundancy features. Bosch VRM is available as stand-alone system or embedded into the Bosch Video Management System.

Dual Streaming

The VIP X1600 XF encoder modules use Dual Streaming to generate two independent IP video streams per channel if sufficient computational power is available. This allows viewing and recording at two different quality levels to save disk space and bandwidth. On alarm, they can send an e‑mail with JPEG images attached.

Dual recording

You can record the streams independently on different media. Thus video can e.g. be recorded centrally on iSCSI drives managed by VRM Video Recording Manager and redundantly on the local media.

Recording profiles

The encoder modules feature a highly flexible recording scheduler, providing up to ten programmable recording profiles and allowing individually assigned camera profiles. With these profiles, you can accelerate the frame rate as well as increase the resolution on alarm, saving recording space during non-alarm periods.

Access security

The VIP X1600 XF modules offer various security levels for accessing the network, the unit, and the data channels. As well as password protection with up to three levels, they support 802.1x authentication using a RADIUS server for identification. You can secure Web browser access by HTTPS using a SSL certificate that is stored in the unit. For total data protection, each communication channel—video, audio, or serial I/O—can be independently AES encrypted with 128‑bit keys, once the Encryption Site License has been applied.


With built-in video content analysis, VIP X1600 XF encoder modules reinforce the Intelligence-at-the-Edge concept where edge devices become increasingly intelligent. The VIP X1600 XF encoder module comes with built-in MOTION+ video motion detection. This motion detection algorithm is based on pixel change and includes object size filtering capabilities and sophisticated tamper detection capabilities. Bosch offers more advanced video content analysis (VCA) applications with its Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA). A licensable option, it bases the IVA algorithm on digital imaging technology that uses multi-level image analysis of pixel, texture, and motion (trajectory) changes.


View the VIP X1600 XF encoder module video on a PC using a Web browser, in the Bosch Video Management System, or integrate it into another video management system. By routing the IP video to a high-performance VIDEOJET decoder or a monitor wall, you can present the video with ultimate clarity.

Easy upgrade

Remotely upgrade the VIP X1600 XF modules whenever new firmware becomes available. This ensures up-to-date products, thus protecting investment with little effort.

ONVIF conformance

Conformance to ONVIF 1.02 and ONVIF Profile S provides interoperability between network video products regardless of manufacturer. In addition, the firmware of the device supports all applicable features of the ONVIF 2.2 specification.

ONVIF conformant devices are able to exchange live video, audio, metadata, and control information and ensure that they are automatically discovered and connected to network applications such as video management systems.

VIPX1600 Series Ordering information


Product Code Description
VIP‑X1600‑XFB Base system
VIP‑X1600‑B Base system
VIP-X1600-XFM4A 4-channel H.264 video/audio module, serial I/O, 4 alarm in, 1 relay, dual mono audio in, mono audio out
VIP-X1600-XFM4B 4-channel H.264 video/audio module with BILINX-support, serial I/O, 4 alarm in, 1 relay, dual mono audio in, mono audio out

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