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Panasonic TXP50S10B 50" Full HD Plasma TV/Monitor


Quick Overview

50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Plasma TV with Freeview. 400Hz Sub-field drive intelligent frame creation pro. 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast (Native 30,000:1). Smart networking with VIERA link. VIERA image viewer (AVCHD/JPEG). V-Audio surround
Model Number: Panasonic / I-Pro TX-P50S10B

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Panasonic TXP50S10B 50" Full HD Plasma TV/Monitor

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Panasonic CCTV Products

Panasonic 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Plasma TV with Freeview


TXP50S10B Features


• 400Hz Sub-field drive intelligent frame creation pro
• 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast (Native 30,000:1)
• Smart networking with VIERA link
• VIERA image viewer (AVCHD/JPEG)
• V-Audio surround


TXP50S10B Description

For stunning picture quality a plasma TV is the natural choice. Panasonic VIERA plasma TVs are renowned for their outstanding picture performance especially in regards to sporting events, action movies and gaming content.

Best motion picture reproduction
Watching TV is about moving images rather than still images. A still image in high resolution looks brilliant on almost any HD TV, but when the images are moving, you can see a clear quality difference as many TVs have difficulties to display fast moving contents without motion blur.

All Panasonic plasma TVs are equipped with 100Hz technology. This superb technology doubles the output frame rate, meaning the gaps of time between image frames are lessened.

The more frames inserted, the smoother the overall imaging will be for the human eye.

The 100Hz technology is a major benefit to you as it aids in creating flicker-less moving images.

Natural Colours
When choosing your flat screen TV, a key element to consider is the depth and quality of colours it reproduces.

With plasma technology, every pixel comprises three separate sub-pixel cells, each with different coloured phosphors ? red, green and blue (RGB). These colours are blended together to create the overall colour of the pixel and are controlled by the level of electric current flowing through them.

Plasma technology can display billions of differing combinations of RGB ? providing a wide range of natural colours.

Fast Response Time
A TV screen response time is a measure of how fast its pixel can complete one full picture ?cycle?, so that they are ready to play a part in the next frame of the picture.

TV screens with long response times can have problems refreshing every element in their pictures rapidly enough to keep up with fast motion, resulting in moving objects looking blurred and smeared.

Plasma TVs can present moving objects without loss of crispness or detail.

Plasma technology needs only one impulse per pixel to produce an image. Its response time is only 0,001 msec. which is a thousand times faster compared to other technologies making Plasma TVs perfect for gaming.

Ultimate Contrast
Consider contrast performance ? in other words ? how well a flat screen TV produces and manages black and white tones and all the tones in between the two! The quality of the contrast ratio performance lies in the fact that it highly influences whether the picture will look real, or not.

Because plasma TVs are using hundreds of self-illuminating cells instead of cathode fluorescent lamps, where a permanent backlight shines, plasma TVs are able to control the brightness of each individual pixel which enables them to achieve tones by switching off/on each individual pixel.

The result is a very realistic picture that has a dynamic contrast ratio of 1.000.000:1 which other technologies with permanent backlight can not achieve.

Ultra wide viewing angle
When you buy a large screen TV, you will probably find yourself surrounded by lots of friends to join you on game day, or for a movie! With a large family, or group gathering, you want to ensure that everyone has the ?best seat in the house?, so everyone can enjoy the best possible TV viewing experience!

Plasma TVs can actually be watched from very wide viewing angles without any significant loss in picture quality (colours, contrast, shadowing, etc.). This is in thanks to the ingenious way that plasma TVs emit light directly from each of their screen cells or pixels. Guaranteed, everyone watching the plasma TV will have the best seat in the house!

Impact Resistant
With the success of gaming consoles using motion controllers has led to an increase in the occurrence of TVs being accidentally damaged by controllers that have slipped out of player's hands.

All Panasonic VIERA plasma TVs are protected by a front sheet of glass resistant to impacts of up to four joules. This is particularly reassuring for families with small children and energetic gamers!

VIERA Link Functionality
Although Panasonic’s engineers spend a lot of time thinking about how to enhance the already formidable picture quality of the latest VIERA Plasma TVs, Blu-ray player, or the audio clarity of Panasonic Home Cinema Systems; they do also think about "friendly" technologies: technologies which make operating these devices easier for users -- an innovative example is VIERA Link.

One Remote, Total Control: The VIERA Link Experience!
VIERA Link allows just one point of contact between you and your entire entertainment system, because by pressing the VIERA Link button on your remote, the GUI (graphical user interface) on-screen menus allow you to choose directly, no matter if you would like to watch a DVD, play a CD or even browse the latest music or video on your iPod?**!

VIERA Link also automatically sets up your various AV components. For example, when you first connect your DVD Home Cinema System to a VIERA TV via an HDMI cable, all of the necessary settings such as menu language and aspect ratio are automatically loaded onto your Home Cinema System, meaning that you don't have to waste time and effort repeating the set-up again. With VIERA Link you have one remote, one graphic menu and a complete entertainment experience!

**iPod? not included. iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries.

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