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Panasonic WVASC970E Server


Quick Overview

Easy and smooth integration from analog to IP system. Flexible camera system: Analog, IP, and Hybrid analog/IP. Up to 64 recorders, 64 decoders, and 2,048 cameras (in case with encoder) can be registered
Model Number: Panasonic / I-Pro WV-ASC970E

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Panasonic WVASC970E Server


Panasonic CCTV Products

Panasonic IP Matrix Client Software

WV-ASC970 Key Features:

Flexible camera system: Analog, IP, and Hybrid analog/IP
Up to 64 recorders, 64 decoders, and 2,048 cameras (in case with encoder) can be registered.
Displays live images by selecting the camera number
Controls camera and camera preset, and Group Preset
Displays live Tour Sequence images on a multi-screen segment display
Displays live Group Sequence images on several multi-screen segment displays
Controls the camera selected by setting the users’ priority in advance
Selects the monitor selected by setting the users’ priority in advance
ON/OFF mode of the OSD on the selected monitor is possible.
Sequence control: Tour Sequence (128 programs, 64 steps), Group Preset (128 programs, 64 views), Group Sequence (128 programs, 64 steps)
Panasonic camera control: Pan/Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Brightness, Preset position call and program (up to 256), Auto mode (SEQ, SORT, AUTO PAN, PATROL), AUX 1 ~ 2
Controls wall monitors (Partially limited)
Up to 512 users can be registered.
Up to 64 users can login to WV-ASC970 simultaneously.
Panasonic Alarm control by recorder, camera, and encoder
Up to 1,024 alarms can be made.
User management: User authentication
Camera/Sequence/Monitor selection, Camera control and Recorder control can be made with the


WV-ASC970 Description


WV-ASC970 provides a true virtual matrix allowing the user to create a Hybrid solution and full control of both IP and analogue systems. The virtual matrix allows the registration of up to 64 recorders, 64 encoders and 2048 cameras. Live images can be selected, as well as full control of presets and group sequences. ASC970 allows registration of up to 512 users and 64 can be logged on simultaneously.


WV-ASC970 Specification

Supported Equipment Supported Cameras Panasonic Analog cameras, 
Panasonic i-Pro series Network cameras except WV-NM100, 
WV-NP472, WV-NS320 series, WV-NW470S series
Supported Recorders WJ-NV200, WJ-ND400 series, WJ-ND300 series, WJ-ND200 series, WJ-HD300 series*1, WJ-HD300A series, WJ-RT416 series, WJ-HD616/716 series
Supported Switchers WJ-SX850, WJ-SX650EX
Supported Encoders WJ-NT304, WJ-NT314, WJ-GXE900 (MPEG-2 Encoder)*2
Supported Decoders WJ-GXD400, WJ-GXD900 (MPEG-2 Decoder)*2
Supported Controller WV-CU950, WV-ASM97
Max. Recorder Registrations 64
Max. Monitor Registrations 1,024
Max. Camera Registrations 2,048 (In case with encoder), Analog and/or IP camera*3
Supported System Type Multicast/Unicast system
Function Camera Control (depends on the camera) Pan/Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Brightness,
Preset position call and program (up to 256),
AUX 1 - 2, Back Focus, Super Dynamic On/Off
Recorder Control (depends on the recorder) REC (only Digital Disk Recorder), Playback
Sequence Control Tour Sequence: 128 programs, 64 steps
Group Preset: 128 programs, 64 views
Group Sequence: 128 programs, 64 steps
Camera Title Display On the WJ-GXD400 and Analog Monitor
Alarm Source Panasonic alarm protocol by Recorder, Camera, Encoder, RS232C, I/O Ethernet Converter
Alarm Control Reset, Auto reset, Arm, Disarm, Ack, Auto ack, All reset
Alarm Display Mode Sequence, Hold
Alarm Action Camera spot, Tour sequence, Group sequence
Max. Number of Alarm 2,048
System Log Operation, Alarm, Switching, Video loss
User Management Registration: Up to 512 users, ID: 5 digit, Password: 5 digit,
User level: customize
Simultaneous Login Users Up to 64 (depends on network conditions)
Partitioning Operator - Controller, Controller - Monitor,
Controller - Camera, Camera - Monitor
Security Method User authentication, Controller authentication (MAC address)
Redundancy Requires 2x PC, 2x WV-ASC970 server, and 1x RS-232C I/O
Time Synchronization NTP (Server/Client)
GUI (Admin) Language English
Server Requirement Supported OS Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6 server (x86)(English)
Required PC CPU: Intel® Xeon® Processor 5140 (2.33 GHz) or faster,
RAM: 2 GB or more, Network: 2x 100/Gigabit or more,
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6 server (x86)(English)
Admin Console PC Requirement Supported OS Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional SP3 (English and Chinese Version)
Microsoft® Windows Vista® Business 32-bit SP2 (English and Chinese Version)
Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional SP1 32bit (English and Chinese Version)
Required PC CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 processor 3.0 GHz or faster
RAM: 512 MB or more
Network: 10/100 Mbps
HDD: 200 MB or more free drive space
Monitor: 32-bit colors, 1,024 x 720 resolution
Network Protocol HTTP (IP address and port No.), FTP, UDP
Note *1 NTSC only
* Weights and dimensions are approximate.
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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WV-ASC970 Brochure

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