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Panasonic WVCW370 External Colour/Mono Camera


Quick Overview

1/3” Weather Proof Day/Night Camera. Super D II CCD.510-line colour (in High mode) or 570-line resolution in B/W. 1 lux illumination in colour mode and 0.15 lux in B/W mode. X32 electronic enhancement ensures clear colour images in dimly lit spaces. Day/Night feature. Weather proof. 240 volt AC
Model Number: Panasonic / I-Pro WV-CW370

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Panasonic WVCW370 External Colour/Mono Camera

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Panasonic CCTV Products

Panasonic Weather Proof Super Dynamic II Colour Camera (with Low-Light B/W Mode)


WVCW370 Key Features

  • Super Dynamic II
  • 8x Variable-focal Lens
  • Day/Night Switching
  • 24-hour Surveillance
  • Weather Proof Outdoor Use
  • Flat Lens Structure
  • Built-in Fan/Heater
  • Equipped with Sun Shield
  • Blue LED to Deter Intruders
  • VMD (Video Motion Detector) Function


WVCW370 Description

Weather Proof Super Dynamic II Colour Camera

The new Panasonic WV-CW370 Series is streamlined metallic body contains a Super Dynamic II camera, 8x variable-focal lens, fan/heater, and IP66 standard approved weather proof outdoor housing.

It's loaded with features that make it ideal for all day, all night 24-hour surveillance, and it's easy to install as well. Unprecedented stylish design makes it the perfect match for office entrances and communicates the presence of the highest level of security available.

The ideal form of outdoor surveillance for high-rise office buildings, suburban office complexes, movie theatres, stadiums, museums, shopping malls, airports, terminals, and parking lots.

Loaded with advanced surveillance features to ensure dependable weather proof outdoor surveillance IP66 dust and moisture protection and day/night features make it the perfect choice for 24-hour outdoor surveillance. Equipped with an 8x variable-focal lens and Super Dynamic II image processing, it captures clear images in low-light and dark locations.

Weather proof outdoor use

The WV-CW370 Series model meets the IP66 international standard. The camera can be installed under building eaves, external walls, rooftops and many other locations.

24-hour surveillance

As surroundings darken, it switches automatically from colour to black-and-white mode to enhance sensitivity. Then in the morning, the Day/Night feature automatically switches it back to colour. Manual switching is also provided.

Built-in Fan/Heater

The built-in Fan/Heater turns on automatically when it senses temperature fluctuations, preventing dew condensation in cold or changeable climates. Permits installation in locations with temperatures ranging from –30°C to +50°C.

Super Dynamic II

Super Dynamic II technology provides 80 times the range of conventional video cameras, providing clear, viewable surveillance images even in extreme backlit and high contrast lighting situations.

510-line horizontal resolution for clearer, more vivid colour images

Equipped with 752 (H) x 582 (V), 1/3-type CCD that delivers 510-line colour (in High mode) or 570-line resolution in black-and-white.

Ultra-sensitive for colour surveillance in light as low as 1 lux

This ultra-sensitive camera delivers clear full colour images in lighting as low as 1 lux and clear black-and-white images in lighting as low as 0.15 lux. 32x electronic enhancement ensures clear colour images even in dimly lit spaces.

8x variable-focal lens

Equipped with a 5.0 mm - 40.0 mm (8x) variable-focal lens, ensuring the best possible image under surveillance.

Flat lens structure

The flat surface of the lens makes it difficult for dust, water droplets or snow to stick to it.

Equipped with sun shield

The built-in sun shield allows this camera to be located in direct sunlight.

Blue LED to deter intruders

The blue LED on the side of the camera turns on for a deterrent effect, and starts blinking when the motion detector sensor activates. By signally the camera’s movement, it warns off intruders.

VMD (Video Motion Detector) function

When motion is detected in the camera image, an alarm is sent. By connecting the alarm to a digital disk recorder that stores the image, you can construct a highly effective automated image-capture system.

Camera title

The monitor displays a title identifying the camera that is the source of the image. The title can be up to 16 characters long and combine alphabetic, numeric, and symbolic characters.

Invisible Cable; Clean, Simple Lines

Both camera and wall cables are concealed inside the bracket.

Equipped with Monitor output connector

Since a small LCD monitor (option) can be attached to the monitor output connector (3.5mm in diam. Mini jack), camera angle and focus can be checked on the spot.

Flexible camera angle settings

The bracket allows the camera to Tilt +30° ~ –90° and pan, making it possible to freely adjust the camera angle.

The opening can be either on the left or the right side

The Mounting Plate opening can be either on the left or the right. However, it is best if one side is tightly pressed against a wall.

Fits neatly above the existing junction box.

Installation is simple because the Mounting Adapter Box and Mounting Plate are designed to be mounted directly above the existing junction box.

Designed flexible ceiling installation.

Using with optional mounting bracket, the WV-CW370 Series can be used ceiling installation at indoors for numerous surveillance applications.


WVCW370 Specifications


Model No. WV-CW370 WV-CW374

Pick-up Device

752 (H) x 582 (V) pixels, interline transfer CCD

Scanning Area

4.86 (H) x 3.62 (V) mm
Scanning 625 lines / 50 fields / 25 frames Horizontal: 15.625 kHz, Vertical: 50 Hz

Scanning System

2 : 1 interlace
Synchronization Internal / Line lock (220V - 240V AC / 24V AC) / VD2 lock
Video Output 1.0V[p-p] PAL/CCIR composite / 75 Ω
Horizontal Resolution 510 lines colour imaging (at high mode)
480 lines colour imaging (at normal mode)
570 lines B/W imaging
S/N Ratio 50dB (min.) (at AGC ON, weight ON)
Mini. Illumination 1.0 lux at colour imaging, 0.15 lux at B/W imaging
AGC Selectable ON (High/Mid/Low), OFF
White Balance Selectable ATW1/ATW2 and AWC (Set up menu)
Aperture Variable (Set up menu)
Electronic Light Control Equivalent to continuous variable shutter speed between 1/50s and 1/10,000s
Dynamic Range 48dB typical

ALC Lens

Character Generator On screen set up menu, camera ID
Lens Type 8x variable focal lens
Focal Length 5.0 - 40.0 mm
Aperture Ratio 1:1.6 (Wide) to 176, F1.9 (Tele) to 176, close
Angular Field of View Horizontal; 6.6° ~ 52° Vertical; 5.0° ~ 39.6°
Min. Object Distance 1.2 m (3.9 ft) - ∞
DIP SW (1) SYNC Switch: INT/LL (2) Upside down Switch: ON/OFF (3) Aperture Switch: SOFT/SHARP (4) Day/Night Switch: AUTO/COLOUR FIX (5) B/W Level: High/Low (6) LED: ON/OFF
Ambient Operating Temperature –30°C - +50°C

Ambient Operating Humidity

Less than 90 %
Power Source and Power Consumption 220 V - 240 V AC 50 Hz; 13 W (Camera with heater function)

For camera 24 V AC 50 Hz; 3.7 W 12 V DC; 365 mA

For heater 24 V AC 50 Hz; 11 W

Ingress Protection (Camera Unit) IP66. NEMA 4X
Dimensions (W x H x D) 130 x 237 x 462 mm


1.5 kg 1.4 kg

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