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CCTV/IP Distributor/Wholesale of Top Security Brands Including Panasonic, Bosch, Samsung, Fujinon, Watec & Videotec


Group Estd. 40 Years

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 European CCTV IP Distributor
    Panasonic Full HD Cameras

Panasonic WVSW558 Full HD Dome Network Camera

Limited Stock
Panasonic WVSW558E Super Dynamic Full HD Dome Network Camera

£324 +VAT



Super Dynamic Vandal Resistant IP Dome. 1080p Full HD images. Newly developed 3.1 Megapixel MOS sensor.

    Panasonic I-Pro Network IP Cameras

Panasonic WVSP102 H.264 I-Pro Network IP Camera

Limited Stock
Panasonic WVSP102E I-Pro Camera

WAS £105 NOW £79 +VAT



Multiple H.264 (High profile) streams and JPEG streams ensure real time monitoring and high resolution recording

    Panasonic Full HD PTZ Cameras

Panasonic WVSC588 Full HD PTZ IP Dome Camera

Limited Stock
Panasonic WVSC588 Super Dynamic Full HD PTZ Dome Network Camera

£1209 +VAT



1080p HD images up to 30 fps. 2.4 Megapixel high sensitivity MOS Sensor. Multiple H.264 (High profile) streams and JPEG streams

    Panasonic Security Systems

Panasonic BLC230 Wireless Network/IP Camera

166 Remaining
Panasonic BLC230  Wireless Network Camera £175

£125 +VAT



IT Network Webcams. H.264/MPEG-4/M-JPEG dual streaming. Two way audio. 3x Digital zoom

    Panasonic System Communications Company

Panasonic WVCS950 Day/Night PTZ CCTV Dome

Save £200
Panasonic WJND400 High performance Network Disk Recorder

£779 +VAT



All-in-one colour surveillance dome camera unit. 30x optical zoom lens. Digital motion detector.

    Panasonic Vandal Proof Security Cameras

Panasonic WVSW458 360° Camera Outdoor Vandal Proof

Warehouse Clearance

Panasonic 360 Degrees Camera Outdoor Vandal Proof

£335 +VAT



Wall Panorama, Double Panorama, Quad PTZ, Single PTZ, & Quad streams H.264/VGA

    Panasonic Surveillance Systems

Panasonic WVCZ492 36x Optical Zoom Day & Night Camera

Limited Stock 25 Left
Panasonic WVCZ492E 36x Optical Zoom Camera

£217 +VAT



36x optical zoom lens plus 20x digital zoom. True Day & Night. DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)

    Panasonic CCTV Systems

Panasonic WVCF374 Day / Night Fixed Security Dome Camera

Warehouse Clearance

Panasonic WVCF374E Day/Night Fixed Dome Camera

£72 +VAT



High resolution: 650 TV lines. IR cut filter. Auto Back Focus. 3.6x Varifocal Auto Iris lens

    Panasonic CCVE Systems

Panasonic WVCW590 External 36x Zoom PTZ Dome

Warehouse Clearance

Panasonic WVCW590/CW594 External Dome Camera

£679 +VAT



Super Dynamic 6 Weather Resistant. 36x optical zoom. Autotracking. True Day & Night, IP66

  Bosch Advantage Line

Bosch Advantage Line VDN27610 MiniDome Indoor Camera

Bosch Advantage Line VDN27610 MiniDome Camera Indoor


Ultra high resolution 960H (1/3“) sensor. Digital extended dynamic range

  Bosch Security Systems PTZ Domes

Bosch VG57230EPC4 AutoDome IP Network Dynamic 7000 HD Camera

Bosch VG57230EPC4 AUTODOME IP dynamic 7000 HD Camera


External HD Dome camera, 30x optical zoom. H.264 quad-streaming

  Bosch Flexidome Cameras

Bosch NDI50051A3 Flexidome Outdoor 5000 IP Network Camera

Bosch NDI50051A3 Flexidome Outdoor 5000 IP Camera


5000 IR Vandal-resistant IP dome camera for outdoor MP surveillance

  Bosch Prison Security Cameras

Bosch EX36MNX902WP Corner-mount No-grip Camera

Limited Stock
Bosch EX36MNX902WP Extreme Series Corner-mount No-grip Camera

£394 +VAT

Warehouse Clearance



Vandal-resistant housing with flush corner mount fit. Extended day/night.

  Bosch Explosion Protected Systems

Bosch VEN650V051A3F Explosion Protected Camera

Bosch VEN650V051A3F Explosion Protected Camera

£1153 +VAT



Aluminium EX65 Explosion Protected Day/Night Camera. 2X DSP, 5-50 mm

  Bosch MIC Metal Micky Cameras

Bosch MIC550ALB36P MIC 550 36x Zoom PTZ Camera

Limited Stock
Bosch MIC550ALB36P MIC Series 550 Camera

£1795 +VAT

Warehouse Clearance



36X PAL Camera, Black PTZ, day/night, aluminium, Black. Industry-leading IP68

  Bosch Security Systems

Bosch NEZ5230IRCW4 Autodome IP 5000 IR

Bosch DIVAR IP 2000 All-in-one Recording and Management Solution


30x 1080p30 HD camera with outdoor pendant housing and sunshield

  Bosch CCTV Systems

Bosch VTI2075F311 Integrated IR Bullet Camera

Bosch VTI2075F311 Integrated IR Bullet Camera


DINION AN Bullet 2000 IR Outdoor Camera, 3.6mm, 960H, 12VDC

  Bosch Surveillance Systems

Bosch Advantage Line VEZ413EWCS AutoDome Mini

Bosch Advantage Line VEZ413EWCS AutoDome Mini


True day/night camera, 26X optical zoom. Compact VR (IK10 rated) enclosure

  Samsung Full HD Cameras

Samsung SNB6011 2 MP Full HD IP Network Remote Head Camera

Samsung SCOL2043RP High Resolution 750TVL IR Camera


1080p @ 30fps. Wide Dynamic Range (120dB). 2.4mm wide angle view Analog BNC output

  Samsung Megapixel Cameras

Samsung SNO8081R 5 MegaPixel Weatherproof Infra Red IR Camera

Samsung SNO8081R 5 MegaPixel Weatherproof IR Camera


3.6 ~ 9.4mm (2.6x) motorized varifocal lens. WDR (60dB). Bi-directional audio support, IP66, IK10

  Samsung Megapixel HD Dome Cameras

Samsung SNP5321H 1.3 Megapixel HD 43x IP Network PTZ Dome Camera

Samsung SNP5321H 1.3 Megapixel HD 43x Network PTZ Dome Camera


16 : 9 HD (720p) resolution support. H.264, MJPEG dual codec, Day & Night (ICR), WDR (120dB)

  Samsung CCTV Systms

Samsung SNF8010VM 5 Megapixel 360° Fisheye Camera

Samsung SNF8010VM 5 Megapixel 360° Fisheye Camera


Various viewing composition, 6 dewarping view mode. On board dewarping, Digital PTZ / Bi-directional audio

  Samsung Security Systms

Samsung SNP6200RHP 1080p Full HD 20x IP IR PTZ Dome Camera

Samsung SNP6200RHP 2MP 1080p Full HD 20x Network IR Dome Camera


Max. 2MP (1920x1080) resolution. 16 : 9 Full HD (1080p) resolution support

  Samsung Surveillance Systms

Samsung SCV5083R WDR Vandal-Resistant Infra Red IR Dome Camera

Samsung SCV5083R 1000TVL (1280H) WDR Vandal-Resistant IR Dome Camera


High resolution of 1000TV lines. 3.3x varifocal lens. 120dB WDR, Day & Night

  Videotec Positiong Units

Videotec UCHD1FNAZ00A Ulisse Compact Full HD PTZ Camera

Videotec UCHD1HZAZ00A Ulisse Compact HD


Day/Night camera FullHD 30x, H.264/AVC, IR LED illuminator 10° 940nm, wiper

  Videotec Thermal Imaging Units

Videotec UPT1SVGA000E Ulisse PTZ Unit for Thermal Imaging Cameras

Videotec UPT1SVGA000E Ulisse Camera Positioning Unit


Camera Positioning Unit Model for thermal camera, PAL/NTSC, 230Vac

  Videotec Pan Tilt Zoom Units

Videotec NXPTZ1PVW0Z00A Stainless Steel Positioning Unit

Videotec UC2QVWA000A Ulisse Compact


NXPTZ in AISI316L, IP version (H.264/AVC), 230Vac, with Day/Night camera 36x, wiper

  Fujinon Security Lenses

Fujinon D60x125R3JEV41 60x Zoom Day/Night Lens

Fujinon D60x125R3JEV41 See Through Fog, Day/Night Lens


1/2", 12.5-750mm (25-1500mm with 2x) F3.8-T3000, Built-in 2x Extender. Fog

  Fujinon Zoom Lenses

Fujinon D60x16.7SR4DE-V21 60x Zoom Day/Night Lens

Fujinon D60x167SR4DV41 Day/Night 2 Megapixels and 60x zoom Lens


16.7~1000mm Focal length. AF, DC iris, pots, iris remote. RS232

  Fujinon Day Night Varifocal Lens Range

Fujinon Zoom/Varifocal Lens Range

it pays to have Fujinon range of zoom lenses

Day or Night, long or intermediate-range surveillance or even if you need megapixel resolution, it pays to have Fujinon range of zoom lenses

  Watec Miniature CCTV Cameras

Watec WAT902H3S Miniature Monochrome Camera

Watec WAT902H3S Monochrome Camera


Super High sensitivity(Near IR spectrum). Multi functions. Compact & lightweight.

  Watec Miniature Security Cameras

Watec WAT232S Ultra High Sensitivity D&N Camera

Watec WAT01U2 USB Color Camera


Day & Night. Simultaneous output of composite video & Y/C signals.

  Watec Miniature Surveillance Cameras

Watec WAT221S Miniature Colour Camera

Watec WAT400D Waterproof Colour Camera


Multi functions. High sensitivity. Output of composite video & Y/C signals.