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DVR Accessories

We have a comprehensive selection of Digital Video Recorder (DVR) accessories designed to enhance any type of security or surveillance set-up at every stage.

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      Panasonic WJHDE400 for WJ-HD616/WJ-HD716 & WJND400

    Panasonic WJHDE400 for WJ-HD616/WJ-HD716 & WJND400     Expansion bay for WJ-HD616/WJ-HD716 & WJND400. 9 hard drive bays for SATA drives (not included). Up to 3 expansion units can be used with each recorder, Rack mount ears included    


      Panasonic WVCU650 System Controller

    Panasonic WVCU650 System Controller     System controller for WJ-HD300 and WJ-HD220 Series of Digital Disk Recorders, Matrix System150/650 and other PS-Data devices. Detatched joystick pad controls pan/tilt and zoom. Larger numeric keypad for direct access to cameras.    


      Samsung / Hanwha SPC7000 System Control Keyboard

    Samsung / Hanwha SPC7000 System Control Keyboard     5" TFT touch LCD. Network cameras / SSM control. User-friendly design and easy-to-use keypad. 3 Axis joystick to control PTZ function. Detachable joystick / jogshuttle for universe use (Right / Left hand use). USB interface support (1ea for SSM, 1ea for image snapshot / Upgrade). Fast camera-tile mapping, Config import / export    

15 Item(s)

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