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Panasonic Matrix/Multiplexers/Telemetry

Panasonic’s matrix system enables integrated control of up to 256 cameras and 32 monitors. A modular design allows for expansion during installation, or future upgrades. While easily accessible camera, monitor and power boards allows for straightforward maintenance without disconnection.

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      Panasonic WJSX650 Matrix System

    Panasonic WJSX650 Matrix System     Matrix System 650 is the new, easier way to configure mid-sized to large surveillance systems. This remarkable new system makes it simple to fully integrate up to 256 cameras (using 8 Video Input Boards), 32 monitors* and 60 registered users.    


      Panasonic WJFS216 16 Camera Multiplexer

    Panasonic WJFS216 16 Camera Multiplexer     16 Camera Colour Simplex Security Multiplexer. 4, 9 & 16 multiscreen monitoring. Alarms. Video loss detection on all channels. Dynamic alarm recording automatically records an additional field of a camera in alarm.    


      Panasonic WJSX550 Matrix System

    Panasonic WJSX550 Matrix System     Up to 128 Panasonic Cameras (VD2 compatible) can be sequenced on up to 16 Monitors with roll free synchronized switching    


      Panasonic WJAV20 AV Codec

    Panasonic WJAV20 AV Codec     High quality transmission via ISDN.15fps at 352 x 288.3 step compression ratio.8 alarm inputs 1 output and 8 trigger outputs.Ability to control all Panasonic telemetry systems and 3rd party through RS485 from remote sites. In built terminal adaptor.    

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