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Bosch LVF4000CD0550 Varifocal 960H Lens


Quick Overview

960H varifocal IR-corrected lens. 1/3" sensor; CSmount; 4-pin DC-iris; F1.4-360; 5 to 50 mm
Model Number: Bosch LVF-4000C-D0550

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Bosch LVF4000CD0550 Varifocal 960H Lens


Bosch Security Systems Products

Bosch Varifocal 960H Lenses

LVF-4000C Series Key Features

- Varifocal lenses with 960H optical resolution
- High-quality optics
- 1/3-inch formats
- Reliable, robust construction
- DC-iris models

LVF-4000C Series Description

This family of 960H lenses comprises varifocal lenses with DC-iris control. They are compact, rugged lenses in 1/3‑inch image formats. The lenses range from wideangle to telephoto to cover virtually all applications in CCTV observation systems.

The lenses deliver impressive optical quality due to their 960H resolution, contrast reproduction, and coating.

LVF-4000C Series System overview

Higher resolution sensors, with even smaller pixel sizes, require higher resolution lenses to deliver their full potential. The lenses in this family are specifically designed for the Bosch range of 960H DINION cameras. To get the maximum resolution from a 960H camera, you need to select a lens which can match sensor resolution not only at the centre, but also at the edges and at different iris openings.

The Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) specification is an indication of the resolution, contrast, and sharpness performance of a lens. Lens resolution is normally measured in line pairs per millimeter (lp/ mm). The MTF of each lens gives the maximum resolution in terms of lp/mm for a given scene.

Both the LVF-4000C and LVF-5000C range have excellent daytime resolution. The LVF-5000C range is best suited to wide dynamic range (WDR) cameras and cameras that are used to capture more details at night.

The measured MTF specifications are only one aspect of a lens’s quality. Special anti-reflective coatings to reduce flare, better aberration performance and lower distortion also contribute to their suitability for different cameras.

LVF-4000C Series Functions

DC iris control

For auto iris control, all lenses use the standard fourpin EIAJ connector, which fits directly into the camera's iris output.

Wide range

The extent of the range means that an installer is always able to select the most appropriate lens for both camera and application.

For optimizing angular fields right on site, varifocal lenses are the most versatile and practical solution available. These lenses allow for setting virtually any angle of field, which maximizes surveillance effects. Installers do not need to carry several different focal length lenses – and installation is more efficient because they can find the right angles of field without moving the camera set-up. If the field-of-view requirements change after installation, modification is simple by just altering the lens’ focal length settings.

IR corrected

All lenses in this range are IR corrected to match the wide range of light conditions covered by our cameras. Infrared corrected lenses provide fully adjusted and sharp focused images in daylight and at night when used in conjunction with IR illuminators. This makes IR lenses the best choice for high performance day/night cameras.


The mechanical construction is designed to withstand both frequent iris control operations and the environmental stress of security installations. For flexible, high-quality, reliable lenses that match a 960H camera’s performance, this family is the ideal solution.

LVF-4000C Series Ordering information

Product Code Description
LVF-4000C-D0550 960H varifocal IR-corrected lens. 1/3" sensor; CSmount; 4-pin DC-iris; F1.4-360; 5 to 50 mm
LVF-4000C-D2812 960H varifocal IR-corrected lens. 1/3" sensor; CSmount; 4-pin DC-iris; F1.3-360; 2.8 to 12 mm
LVF-5000C-D0550 960H varifocal IR-corrected lens. 1/3" sensor; CSmount; 4-pin DC-iris; F1.6-360; 5 to 50 mm; high resolution; low distortion
LVF-5000C-D2811 960H varifocal IR-corrected lens. 1/3" sensor; CSmount; 4-pin DC-iris; F1.4-360; 2.8 to 11 mm

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