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Panasonic WJSX650 Matrix System


Quick Overview

Matrix System 650 is the new, easier way to configure mid-sized to large surveillance systems. This remarkable new system makes it simple to fully integrate up to 256 cameras (using 8 Video Input Boards), 32 monitors* and 60 registered users.
Model Number: Panasonic / I-Pro WJ-SX650

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Panasonic WJSX650 Matrix System

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Panasonic CCTV Products

Panasonic WJ-SX650/G Expandable Matrix Switcher up to 256 Cameras x 32 Monitors

The WJ-SX650 Matrix System from Panasonic allows control of up 256 cameras onto a maximum of 32 monitor outputs. The basic model is equipped to cater for up to 32 cameras and 16 monitors, the systems modular design allows it to be expanded during installation or as a future upgrade. Additional camera input boards may be added to the system to give an additional 32 cameras per board, an additional monitor board brings the system up to 32 monitor outputs.

For ease of maintenance, the camera, monitor and power boards can be accessed from the front of the matrix without disconnecting cables from the matrix. This allows service operations to be carried out with relative ease.

The matrix not only enables a large number of cameras to be connected to the system, but can handle a staggering 1,024 alarms. These range from alarm signals direct from a camera, terminal alarm inputs, recorder generated, video loss and serial interface (RS232).

Camera control data can be multiplexed onto the video coaxial cable reducing the need for additional data cabling to be installed when controlling Panasonic’s range of fully functional cameras. For cameras that do not support Panasonic’s coaxial telemetry or those at greater distances, RS485 communication can be used.

Panasonic’s Digital Video Recorder’s, WJ-HD300A Series and WJ-RT416 Series can be integrated with the matrix to allow seamless control of live and recorded images from Panasonic’s system controllers. Likewise control of cameras can be taken over a network from the WJ-HD300A Series recorders.

The matrix is supplied with the WJ-SX650 Administrator Console, this piece of software allows detailed configuration of the matrix to be performed with ease. This configuration includes, group sequences, tour sequences, group presets, alarm actions, operator registration and level setup and timer events. The configuration for the matrix can be backed up on a PC.   Integrated Control of up to 256 Cameras and 32 Monitors
Matrix System 650 from Panasonic is the new, easier way to configure mid-sized to large surveillance systems. This remarkable new system makes it simple to fully integrate up to 256 cameras, 32 monitors, and 60 registered users.* Adding WJ-HD300A series Digital Disk Recorders delivers the high image quality and high storage capacity that state-of-the-art surveillance requires. Matrix System 650’s simple, flexible architecture makes it ideal for a wide range of applications including shopping malls, multipurpose complexes, office buildings and banks.

* 1 of the 60 users is reserved for recorder control.

WJ-SX650/G Major Features & Functions

• Supports up to 256 cameras (using 8 Video Input Boards).
• All 256 channels are coaxial, multiplex cables, reducing the number of cables required and simplifying installation.
• Supports up to 256 RS-485, remote-controlled cameras.
• Pan, tilt and other lens motions can be controlled either by multiplex data over coaxial cable or RS-485 remote-control signals.
• Cables can be up to 1,200 m long (5C-2V coaxial cable).

• The maximum size (256 camera x 32 monitor) system requires four WJ-SX650/SX650U units.
• Set up is simple with the Video Input and Video Output Boards, each composed of a front-access Main Board and rear-access Rear Boards.
• Front access for Main Board and Power Supply maintenance.
• Rich array of sequence, alarm, and scheduling features meets every surveillance need.
• Supports up to 1,024 alarm inputs (Terminal/Camera/Recorder/Serial/Video Loss)
and up to 64 alarm outputs (and also 1,024 Serial Alarm Out).
• Storage for up to 10,000 alarms, with alarm histories downloadable to PC to facilitate management.
• The Set-up Menu and WJ-SX650 series Administrator Console make set up easy.
• Fine tune management of up to 60 users with individual level and priority settings.

• Output support for up to 32 moni

• Supports connection of up to 16 WJ-HD300A series recorders (using 2 Video Output Boards).
• Use of WJ-HD300A series network features allows remote surveillance from a PC.tors (using 2 Video Output Boards).
• Character displays show date, time, camera number, camera title and event information.
• Set-up menus are available in seven languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, and Japanese.
• Alarm history display shows up to most recent 1,000 alarms.

• Supports simultaneous use of up to 16 WV-CU650 System Controllers and personal computer (PC).
• Supports use of PS•Data (With DATA1 port set to PS•Data).


WJ-SX650/G Specification

Power Source 220V - 240V, 50Hz
Ambient Operating Temperature -10 to +50 deg C
Ambient Operating Humidity Less than 90%
Weight 19.0Kg
Power Consumption 60W
RS-485 Terminal 6-conductor modular jack x 4 (2-wire or 4-wire communication with termination switches (Mode 1 to 4))
Dimensions (W x H x D) 420 x 265 x 372 mm (excluding rubber feet and projections)
Functions Monitor control (Camera selection, tour sequence, group sequence, group preset, OSD display), Camera/Receiver control (Coaxial/RS-485 communication), Recorder control, Alarm control (Alarm event, Alarm ACK, Alarm reset, Alarm suspension, Alarm history display), Timer event, Camera event
Video Input Board x 1
Video Output Board x 1
Expansion Slot x 1

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