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Panasonic WVCL920A 1/2" CCD Colour/Mono Camera


Quick Overview

1/2” Day/Night Camera. 480/570 lines horizontal resolution.0.3 lux at f1.4 colour, 0.02 lux at f1.4 mono. Built in motion detector, on screen set up menu. Integration to 0.01 lux colour. 2 modes of white balance selection. 240 volt AC. Lens Optional
Model Number: Panasonic / I-Pro WVCL920A

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Panasonic WVCL920A 1/2" CCD Colour/Mono Camera

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Panasonic CCTV Products

Panasonic 1/2-type CCD Colour Surveillance Cameras with Low-Light B/W Mode



  • 1/2-type interline transfer CCD w/ infrared sensitivity.
  • Switches from selected colour mode to B/W mode, automatically or manually.
  • Super sensitivity of 0.14 lx at F1.4 in colour mode, and 0.01 lx in B/W mode.
  • 480-line horizontal resolution in colour mode, and 570-line in B/W mode.
  • ELC function enables the use of fixed iris lens for indoor applications.
  • Built-in digital motion detector.
  • Built-in Alarm output terminal for external sensors.
  • Built-in 16 alphanumeric character display.
  • Electronic shutter from 1/50 (off) to 1/10,000 seconds.
  • Electronic sensitivity enhancement (Auto/Manual/Off)
  • Remote control function with single coaxial cable (WV-CL920A/CL924A) or RS-485 terminal (WV-CLR920A/CLR924A).
  • Gen-lock capability for the large system application.
  • Accepts both AC 24V & DC 12V for WV-CL924A/CLR924A camera models.
    WV-CL920A Series are,
    WV-CL920A (AC220V - 240V)
    WV-CL924A (AC24V or DC12V)
    WV-CLR920A (AC220V - 240V, with RS-485 terminal)
    WV-CLR924A (AC24V or DC12V, with RS-485 terminal)


WV-CL920A Description

*In B/W mode

The new WV-CL920A Series combines a near-infrared CCD with a new digital signal processor (DSP). Switching automatically from colour mode during the day to B/W mode at night, these cameras are ideal for 24-hour surveillance. When equipped with an F1.4 lens, they deliver clear images in light as low as 0.14 lx in colour mode and as low as 0.01 lx in B/W mode. With electronic enhancement, sensitivity is up to 32 times greater than that of standard cameras. When combined with a near-infrared light source, these cameras can also be used for near-infrared (B/W) surveillance in settings with no visible light.

Horizontal resolution is 480 lines in colour mode, 570 lines in black and white. Many advanced features are included in the WV-CL920A Series, a high-speed electronic shutter, character display, and an easy to connect alarm output terminal for use with remote sensors or other surveillance equipment.

The WV-CL920A Series is ideal for street, highway, parking lot, harbor, building exterior, and other applications that require ultra-sensitive 24-hour surveillance.


WV-CL920A Series Specification

Model No. WV-CL920A WV-CL924A WV-CLR920A WV-CLR924A
Pick-up Device 762 (H) x 582 (V) Pixels, Interline Transfer CCD
Scanning Area 6.45 (H) x 4.84 (V) mm (Equivalent to 1/2 Tube)
Scanning 625 lines / 50 fields / 25 frames
Horizontal 15.625 kHz / Vertical 50 Hz
Scanning System 2:1 Interlace
Synchronization Internal, Line-locked, External (VBS/VS), or Multiplexed VD2 Selectable
Video Output 1.0V PAL or CCIR Composite / 75 . / BNC Connector
Horizontal Resolution 480-line at Colour Imaging, or 570-line at B/W mode
Minimum Illumination 0.14 lx at F1.4 (at Colour mode), or 0.01 lx at F1.4 (at B/W)
S/N Ratio 50dB at AGC off
Video Output VBS 1.0 / 75 . / BNC Connector
Character Display 16 Alphanumeric characters
Motion Detector On/Off selectable
Electronic Light Control Equivalent to continuous variable shutter speed between 1/50s to 1/10,000s
Electronic Sensitivity Up Off, Auto (x2, x4, x6, x10, x16, x32), Fixed (x2, x4, x6, x10, x16, x32, x64)
White Balance ATW1, ATW2, AWC selectable (setup menu)
Aperture Variable (setup menu)
Gain Control AGC On/Off selectable (setup menu)
AGC ON (DNR-H), ON (DNR-M), ON (DNR-L) or OFF selectable (setup menu)
Backlight Compensation Preset ON or OFF selectable (setup menu)
Electronic Shutter Speed 1/50 (OFF), 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1,000, 1/2,000, 1/4,000, 1/10,000 s selectable
Lens Mount CS-mount
Alarm Out Collector-output OFF (Open or 4V DC - 5V DC) / ON (?? 1V
Day/Night In Pulled-up to 5V DC OFF (Open) / ON (0V 0.2mA)
ALC Lens DC / Video Servo selectable (setup menu)
Communication Single wire RS-485
Communication Distance 1.2km by BELDEN 9259 or equivalent 1.2km by Twisted pairs cable
Ambient Operating Temperature 10?C - +50?C
Ambient Operating Humidity Less than 90%
Power Source 220V-240V AC, 50Hz AC24V / DC12V 220V-240V AC, 50Hz AC24V / DC12V
Power Consumption 5.1W 4.7W / 440mA 5.5W 5.1W / 520mA
Dimensions (WxHxD) 74 x 65 x 120mm
Weight (approx.) 450g (without AC cable) 440g 450g (without AC cable) 440g

Lens Optional

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