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UTC GE S707VRRSTL 4-Ch Digital Video Rx, MM, Rack, 1310nm


Quick Overview

One-way transmission of four video channels over one multimode fiber. Digital multiplexing technology. 10-bit video processing. 520 TVL resolution. Video SNR >55 dB. 6.2 MHz video bandwidth. Built-in test pattern generator and On-Screen. Diagnostics (OSD). 13 dB optical budget. Supports all major video formats. OAGC (Optical Automatic Gain Control). Standalone or rack configurations
Model Number: UTC S707VR-RSTL

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UTC GE S707VRRSTL 4-Ch Digital Video Rx, MM, Rack, 1310nm


UTC GE Securty Products

GE UTC Security 4-Ch Digital Video Rx, MM, Rack, 1310nm



S707VR-RSTL Key Features


  • One-way transmission of four video channels over one multimode fiber
  • Digital multiplexing technology
  • 10-bit video processing
  • 520 TVL resolution
  • Video SNR >55 dB
  • 6.2 MHz video bandwidth
  • Built-in test pattern generator and On-Screen Diagnostics (OSD)
  • 13 dB optical budget
  • Supports all major video formats
  • OAGC (Optical Automatic Gain Control)
  • Standalone or rack configurations


S707VR-RSTL Overview
The S707V-series video transmitters are designed to transmit a four channel of full-frame, real-time baseband composite video up to 11 miles (18 km) over one multimode fiber. It accepts monochrome and colour signals in NTSC and PAL formats. Full-frame, real-time video transmission delivers all the video captured by the camera.

S707VR-RSTL Exceptional Performance

A bandwidth of 6.2 MHz enables the S707V to transmit extremely clear, high-resolution images. FM modulation assures that the image quality remains high over the full operating distance. The system consists of a transmitter and receiver. The standalone transmitter has been designed especially for easy installation. The rack version is intended for use with the 515R1/517R1 rack mount card cages.

S707VR-RSTL Superior Diagnostics

The SMARTS diagnostic technology includes a built-in video test pattern generator on the transmitter for system setup and on-screen diagnostics to indicate insufficient optical power or an inactive video channel for each output. LEDs monitor the status of the video and optical signals.

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